Hammertone™ Fuzz

Model #: 0234574000

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Hammertone™ Fuzz
€ 83.99

The Hammertone™ Fuzz captures the iconic splat, saturation and horn-like sustain used on the formative records of rock'n'roll history. Despite its small size, this purple-tinged, psychedelic stompbox is feature-packed with three classic controls, two silicon diodes and an octave fuzz mode - allowing you to recreate the legendary sounds of the '60s & '70s or forge your own unique tone.


  • Fender®-Designed Fuzz Circuit
  • Optional Octave-Fuzz Switch
  • Top Mount Input/Output Jacks
  • True-Bypass Switching
  • Powered by 9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor, Not Included
60s Style Silicon Fuzz

Inspired by vintage fuzz units of the psychedelic sixties, the Hammertone™ Fuzz features classic tones with less noise and more volume on tap.

Octave-Fuzz Mode

The Octave switch engages an additional octave-up fuzz circuit with more volume, more treble and an electrified, textural decay perfect for leads or hair-raising riffs.

Internal Tone Control

The internal trim-pot control allows you to dial down super-high frequencies to tame single-coil pickups and bright amps or simply shape your tone further.

Custom Color “F” Logo Knobs

Paying homage to Fender’s historic custom colors, these “F” logo knobs are easy to read, easy to grip and stand out on stage.

Rugged, Road-worthy Hardware

The rugged aluminum enclosure and metal hardware deliver road-worthy reliability. True bypass switching ensure easy setup and pure tone.

Top-mount Jacks

Top-mounted input and output jacks allow more pedals to be used on the same board, as well as increasing pedal routing options.

  • Input Impedance
    500k ohm
  • Output Impedance
    5k ohm (max)
  • Power Consumption
  • Power Requirements
    9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)