Sterling Silver Guitar Pick, 351 Shape

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Established in 1946, Fender® embodies the spirt of Rock N Roll. Used by musicians all over the world, Fender® guitars have been consistently transforming music in every major music genre. No guitar collection is complete without a pick to strum with. A recognized industry standard is known as the Fender® 351. Beginning in 1955 the 351 pick was made for a new generation of rock-n-roll musicians by providing a variety of tonal sounds in an easy to hold size making it a favorite of Fender® fans to this day. To mark Fender's 75th Anniversary, now for the first time ever guitarists can make even more powerful sounds with this 351 Heavy in sterling silver.


  • 10 grams of sterling silver
  • 27.4 x 31.5 mm
  • World's first silver Fender® 351 Heavy playable guitar pick
  • Limited mintage and individually serialized
  • Scallop design pattern
  • Custom plastic capsule for storage and protection when not in use