Fender™ MEGA Collabs™ Stratocaster® Set

Model #: 9122521001
Fender™ MEGA Collabs™ Stratocaster® Set view 1.0

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Loud and limited, this authentic collectible is electric – it’s a Stratocaster made out of bricks. That’s right, Fender has teamed with MEGA to create an exceptional collectible that’s destined to go platinum – or at least go straight to the top of your display case. This buildable Strat might not make noise, but it still shreds. Fender-endorsed, this 1:4 scale model guitar is built to rock.


  • Buildable, faithfully designed 13.94-inch original Fender American Professional Stratocaster right-hand brick art collectible in Candy Apple Red
  • This collector’s item features printed details, supple strings, poseable keys, whammy bar, premium Fender guitar pick and signature headstock
  • Includes carry-case packaging for storage and buildable guitar stand for deluxe display
  • Ideal for ages 16 and up, this designer toy building set has been specifically curated for collectors and pop art enthusiasts, providing a one-of-a-kind building experience that serves as an interactive piece of art
  • This is not just a toy. This is art.