Yosemite™ Strat® Pickup Set

Model #: 0992277000
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A new generation of tone, Yosemite Stratocaster® pickup sets are engineered using a mixture of alnico 4 and alnico 2 magnets, along with plain enamel coated wire, for expressive, well-defined sound that’s highly musical and dynamic. Designed to sound rich and articulate in every combination, this trio of calibrated single-coil pickups includes a reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RWRP) middle pickup to reduce hum. Flat-staggered pole pieces increase the output without compromising the high end, letting the instrument’s natural voice shine while the shellac coating controls runaway feedback without compromising response.


  • Plain enamel-coated wire
  • Reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RWRP) middle pickup
  • Flat-magnet height stagger
  • DC Resistance/Magnet Type:
    • Neck: 7.8KΩ/alnico 4
    • Middle: 8.5KΩ/alnico 4
    • Bridge: 8.9KΩ/alnico 2
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Configuration
  • Magnet Type
    Neck and Middle: Alnico 4, Bridge: Alnico 2
  • Magnet Wire
  • DC Resistance
    Neck: 7.8K, Middle: 8.5K, Bridge: 8.9K
  • Pole Pieces