Tru-Shell™ Casein Picks - 551 Shape

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Play With Precision—Fender Picks

Fender's Tru-Shell picks replicate the highly desired, unique sound of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle shell without harming animals in any way. Crafted from organic natural proteins, the distinctive composition creates full-voiced bass with crystalline treble tone—making Tru-Shell picks ideal for acoustic guitarists. The natural lubrication avoids binding on the string for precision playing. Color selection is random and colors will vary.
Gauges are:
Medium: 0.92mm – 1.10mm
Heavy: 1.11mm – 1.30mm
Extra Heavy: 1.31mm – 1.65mm

Tru-Shell picks are not plastic. Do not attempt to flex; keep away from moisture.

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    551 Shape
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    Extra Heavy