Blockchain™ Patch Cable Kits

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41.99 €
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Blockchain™ Patch Cable Kits
41.99 €

A curated collection of custom-designed patch cables, the Fender Blockchain™ cable kits are a one-stop shop for your stompbox needs. The innovative and malleable cubed PVC jacket allows for clean wiring of your pedals on any size board while minimizing signal chain loss and retaining your tone. The low-profile, pancake style connectors are designed to maximize real estate and enhance your pedal board's curb appeal. Fender Blockchain™ cable kits are an ideal solution for your patch cable needs and are selectively sized for your setup.

Designed for compatibility with any size pedal board, including the Fender Professional Pedal Boards, the Fender Blockchain™ cable kits are offered in four multi-length combinations that can be mixed and matched to suit your signal chain needs.


  • Available in four assorted pack combinations:
    • Extra-small: Two 4" (10.16 cm), four 6" (15.24 cm)
    • Small: Two 4" (10.16 cm), five 6" (15.24 cm), one 8" (20.32 cm), and one 1' (20.48 cm)
    • Medium: Four 4" (10.16 cm), six 6" (15.24 cm), one 8" (20.32 cm), and one 2' (60.96 cm)
    • Large: Five 4" (10.16 cm), eight 6" (15.24 cm), one 8" (20.32 cm), and one 3' (91.44 cm)
  • Matte black PVC jacket
  • 4.1mm square PVC jacket
  • 24 AWG; 90% OFC spiral shielding
  • Nickel-plated connectors
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
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    Extra Small Pack
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    Right Angle - Right Angle
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