PreSonus® Eris® E44 Studio Monitor

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The Eris® E44 studio monitor delivers an expanded, highly accurate frequency response and the widest stereo field available in its class. Its nested Midwoofer-Tweeter-Midwoofer (MTM) configuration offers improved off-axis response and spatial resolution. The result is a more consistent listening experience, smoother frequency response, and an ultra-wide, detailed stereo soundstage.

Conventional two-way speaker designs can cause significant early reflections from their surrounding environment. The Eris E44 studio monitor overcomes this by positioning a 1.25-inch, silk dome, high-frequency driver between two 4.5-inch midrange drivers that cover the same frequency range.

The combined signal of the two relatively small drivers propagates forward like a single waveform, behaving like a single, larger driver. This mutual coupling provides a highly dynamic output in a compact footprint resulting in size-defying bass reproduction. At the same time, the two smaller woofers work in parallel to partially contain the dispersion of the tweeter, minimizing phase displacement. The result is incredibly detailed stereo imaging.

Like all Eris studio monitors, the E44 offers flexible connectivity and extensive acoustic tuning controls. The three-position Acoustic Space switch plus High and Mid controls help to mitigate room anomalies. A Low Cutoff filter makes it easy to integrate a Temblor® subwoofer into your monitor setup.


  • Nested MTM (D’Appolito) design with dual woven composite drivers provides smooth on- and off-axis response with more dynamic output than conventional two-way studio monitor configurations
  • MTM (D’Appolito) design minimizes phase displacement and leads to improved spatial resolution and a much wider sweet spot
  • Dual 4.5-inch, custom-woven composite LF/midrange drivers produce dynamic, size-defying bass output
  • 1.25-inch, silk-dome HF driver ensures smooth high-frequency performance that is never fatiguing to the ears
  • 90W Class A/B bi-amplification for an open, clear sound, and less fatiguing listening experience
  • Includes Studio Magic, a suite of over $1000 USD worth of music production software
Horizontal or Vertical. It’s up to you.

Many MTM speakers must be arrayed vertically to provide a clear, interference-free midrange and treble reproduction to either side. With their nested MTM design, Eris E44 studio monitors are able to perform optimally in both orientations, letting you position your speaker the way that works best for you.

Designed to sound their best in any room.

Eris E44 studio monitors are equipped with Acoustic Tuning controls to ensure the flattest response in your mix environment. You get Low-cut, Mid, and High controls, as well as three-way Acoustic Space tuning that makes it easy to compensate for the boundary bass boost that occurs when a speaker is placed too close to a wall.

World-class recording software included.

Eris E44 studio monitors come with a special edition of PreSonus® Studio One™ Prime recording and production software, with the entire Studio Magic software suite enabled. Studio Magic includes over $1,000 USD worth of music software including plug-ins, loops, virtual instruments, effects and tutorials.