Classical/Nylon Guitar Strings - 3-Pack

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Classical/Nylon Guitar Strings - 3-Pack
30.49 €

Classical Clarity in Your Hands

Now offering many of our best-selling strings in convenient 3 packs. Fender has been the instrument of choice for many of the greatest musicians since 1946. Our popularity through the generations is a result of our design innovations and commitment to quality. These strings reflect this legacy and are worthy of the Fender name.

For classical players and finger-stylists in search of a reliable set of nylon strings, Fender classical strings emit superior warmth, clarity and sustain. The pure silver windings offer a smooth feel with reduced finger noise, all while offering optimal projection to make your voice heard.

100 Nylon Tie End 3 Pack.028, .029, .032, .035, .040, .043


  • For classical nylon-string guitar only
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    .028-.043 Tie-End
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