Pre-Wired Strat® Pickguard, Vintage Noiseless SSS

Model #: 0992344509
Pre-Wired Strat® Pickguard, Vintage Noiseless SSS view 1.0

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€ 299.00

Customize your tone with the Pre-Wired Stratocaster pickguards. Made with premium components in the same factory as our iconic guitars, this drop-in pickguard is easy to install. Simply remove your old guard, solder the output jack and ground wires, screw in the new guard and you’re ready to rock with pure Fender sound.


  • Vintage Noiseless Pickups
  • Polysol-coated magnet wire
  • Staggered hand-beveled pole pieces for smooth, balanced tone
  • Alnico 2 magnets create complex harmonics with warmer attack and less-aggressive midrange
  • Vintage single-coil Strat tone without the hum
  • Vinyl-coated output wire and plastic bobbin