lincoln brewster stratocaster

Lincoln Brewster’s soulful and dynamic playing style has inspired and uplifted countless fans over the course of his 25-year career. A modern classic, the Lincoln Brewster Stratocaster combines timeless body contours and vintage style with updated features for the modern player.



The Area 58™ and Area 61™ pickup set offers vintage-style single-coil tones—without the hum.


The 9.5"—14" radius is easy on the hands, allowing for fast playing and choke-free bending.


Easily accessed via a push/pull on the master volume with additional variable mid-boost using the Tone 1 knob.


From a young age, it was clear that Lincoln Brewster was a talented and natural performer. After picking up a mandolin at the age of 5, Brewster and his mother, Cheryl, were playing shows together in his hometown of Homer, Alaska by the time he was 7.

Now, after a 25-year career that has seen Brewster become one of the most inspirational and uplifting musicians in the world, it’s fair to say the crowds of thousands he currently entertains are quite larger than what he was used to as a child.

But the size of the audience isn’t necessarily important to Brewster at this point. The affable artist is more concerned with building connections, whether it’s with every soul in a concert hall or with a single person sitting in front of him.

There is magic in the personal bonds that form when performing music, something Brewster also believes occur when finding the right instrument. That’s why he chose a beloved Aztec gold ’57 Stratocaster as a base for the Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster model.

“I think guitar players form a bond with their main instrument,” said Brewster. “It’s like a connection that guitar players have. There’s something about their guitar; It’s the belief that it’s the one. And you’re right. It is the one for you.”

Brewster acquired the original gold Strat used in a guitar store in Folsom, Calif., having fallen in love with the combination of the regal finish, the maple neck and parchment pickguard. “I kind of stuck with it, and I guess over the years, I became known as the gold Strat guy,” he said with a laugh.

That guitar was unfortunately stolen while Brewster was on the road, but the Fender Custom Shop built him a replacement with the same specs so the relationship between artist and instrument could continue.

Presented with the opportunity to have his own namesake guitar, Brewster wanted to not only create an homage to the Strat he loved for so long, but also ensure that it included features others could connect with.

The striking Aztec Gold finish, quarter sawn maple neck and parchment pickguard are still there, but modern modifications include a DiMarzio Area 61 bride pickup and Area 58 neck and middle pickups, and a custom-made preamp boost accessed via a push-pull master volume control to add gain.

As a final thoughtful touch, Brewster didn’t want to put his signature on the headstock, instead opting to add it to the interchangeable neck plate on the back.

“I did that was so that you could actually swap the neckplate if you wanted to make it feel more your own,” Brewster explained. “Because if it’s your guitar, my signature shouldn’t be on it. It should be yours.

“I hope just like this guitar has become part of my story, it’ll become part of somebody else’s story, as well.”