The 70th Anniversary Esquire: The Original One-Pickup WonderThe groundbreaking solid body design is updated with a roasted pine body, Tim Shaw single coil and an array of classic and contemporary finishes Gear
A Double-Necked Legend: The Story Behind the Custom Shop's #0001 GuitarOriginal Master Builder Michael Stevens' unique Stratocaster/Esquire is widely known to be the Custom Shop's first build.Gear
Inside the Song: Johnny Cash and 'Ring of Fire'How the outlaw country classic came to be and why it continues to "burn, burn, burn".Artists
Psych Out: Syd Barrett’s ‘62 Esquire and the Dawn of Pink FloydThe original Pink Floyd frontman’s “Mirrored Telecaster” was neither mirrored or a Telecaster.Artists
The 'Page-O-Caster' Returns in Fender Custom Shop Founder's Design ProjectOriginal Master Builder John Page created a unique Double F-Hole Esquire for the Shop's 30th anniversary.Gear