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One of the most important skills you need to learn as a bass player is how to properly tune your instrument.

An out-of-tune bass can wreck a practice session, ruin a gig and just generally frustrate you and those around you.

The problem is, there are so many factors that can cause your bass to go out of tune.

“Different things can affect your tuning, like temperature changes, humidity changes,” said Fender Digital Learning Brand Manager John Dreyer. “our tunings might have been knocked out of place if you’re taking it in or out of your gig bag or case. And if you just changed your strings, you definitely want to make sure you’re tuned up.”

So how best to accomplish that?

There are several options. You can use a tuning app, like Fender Tune for iPhone and Android. You can use a digital tuner. Or, you can even tune by ear using harmonics.

To help get your bass sounding great, Dreyer offered this bass tuning tutorial in which he utilizes the Fender Tune app on an American Professional Jazz Bass in Sonic Gray.

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