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Being a pro doesn’t just mean you know how to play. Pros have little tricks that make a big difference in between shredding solos. Here are some super helpful tips used by experienced players and pros:

1. Wipe Your Strings After You Play

Strings are made of metal and your finger’s sweat can corrode and prematurely wear out your strings. Wiping them off after every time you play the guitar will lengthen the life of your strings and keep them feeling and sounding better. Use an old t-shirt to wipe them down and you’ll keep the guitar finish safe as well.

2. Keep Your Capo Ready

Many acoustic players use the capo frequently because it makes playing songs and changing keys much easier. For this reason, you will see many acoustic players clip their capo onto to their headstock so it is ready for use.

3. Pick Weave

Many players weave their pick through the strings to ensure they always have pick available whenever they are ready to play. Using three strings, weave it under, over and then under again somewhere between the 7th fret and the nut. The closer to the nut, the more secure.

4. Keep the Guitar in Its Case

A case isn’t just handy for carrying your guitar around. Storing the guitar in a case has a couple of additional benefits. It can keep your instrument from falling and getting damaged. It also helps to minimizing direct sun exposure and unintentional spills that could ruin the finish or electronics.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned pro.

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