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Learning the guitar can be challenging but here at Fender we believe in making practice as fun and easy as possible. Our new Mustang™ Micro does exactly that, offering a bundle of features in one portable device!

First, it’s a headphone amp. With the Mustang™ Micro you can practice any time, any place and at any volume you like. Hear your own playing clearly without having to worry about who else is listening. And, the rechargeable battery makes it easier than ever to play on the go. You can practice anywhere!

The Mustang™ Micro also comes packed with 12, adjustable amp models and FX. Find a tone that matches what you’re learning and take your playing to the next level. Dial in the ’65 Deluxe’ for the perfect 60s pop clean tone or crank the distortion with the ‘BB15 High Gain’ to crush your favorite rock riffs. Try out new effects like delay and chorus and get creative with your sound. Practice chord switching and scales with tones that make you feel like a pro!

Once it's time to take lessons, the Mustang™ Micro syncs perfectly with Fender Play to immerse you in your session. Link your Mustang™ Micro via Bluetooth to stream audio directly from your device into your headphones, alongside your guitar. Now you can play along with all your favorite lessons and Practice Modes on Fender Play and sound like part of the band!

Before you finish, take advantage of the Mustang™ Micro USBc connectivity to record your progress. The Mustang™ Micro connects directly to your Mac or PC so you can record and listen back to your playing. Use the recording to assess your own playing, a critical step in developing dexterity and speed. Identify areas to work on the next time you plug in to play - or just revel in how much your practice is paying off! Keep a track of all your recordings so you can hear just how much you’re improving.

The Mustang™ Micro is the perfect practice tool for beginners to professionals. For more information, go here.

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