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Common sense can go a long way toward ensuring that you will maintain your guitar for a long time. But here are some of the most important things you should definitely avoid:

DON'T Expose It to Extreme Temperature and Humidity Change

Guitars are made mostly of wood and that wood can be affected by temperature and humidity. Extreme temperatures and changes in humidity will cause the wood to shift and change, sometimes dramatically, which affects the sound and shape. Ideal temperature is 66-77 °F (19-25 °C). Ideal humidity is 40-50 percent.

DON'T Clean With Water

Really a bad idea from top to bottom. Electricity doesn’t work well with water and guitars are definitely NOT waterproof.

DON'T Use Soap, Furniture Polish or Window Cleaner

Don’t get too fancy with the guitar finish. Only use products recommended for it.

DON'T Wipe It With Paper Towel or Tissue

I once used tissue to clean the pickguard on my brand-new guitar to get rid of the fingerprints on it. It made thousands of little swirly scratch marks on it. These materials are not entirely soft. Avoid anything abrasive and use only soft fabrics like cotton or microfiber to wipe it down

DON'T Use Compressed Air to Dust the Guitar

Using products designed for electronics could be a big mistake. You might blow dust further into the guitar. Compressed air might drip liquid after being used, which can ruin your guitar’s finish.

Take a moment before trying anything new on your instrument. When in doubt, talk to your local music store or dealer before using something. Your guitar can last a lifetime with just some basic care.

Now you know the dangers, you'll be sure to keep your guitar happy.

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