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Disney Songs to Play on Guitar

Guitar chords for your Disney favorites, from Frozen to Moana.

One of the most fun aspects of learning guitar is being able to share it with others. When you play a song that inspires everyone in the room to sing along, it’s a feeling like none other.

And what better songs to learn than those from your favorite Disney movies? When you’re learning a song, half the battle is knowing the song, inside and out. If you’re already familiar with the lyrics, changes, and song structure, the whole process will be much easier. So if you happen to live in a household with a little one who watches Frozen multiple times a week, consider that to be your training for this moment! The hard part is over! Now all you have to do is learn a few chords and strumming patterns.

As part of the #DisneyMusicSummerCamp, Fender Play and Disney Music are excited to share the #DisneyMusicSummerCamp Collection. This collection teaches six Disney songs on guitar including “Let it Go” from Frozen and “Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast. Check out the #DisneyMusicSummerCamp Collection here or continue reading as we walk through the chords you’ll need to learn four beloved Disney songs on the guitar:

“Let It Go” from Frozen
“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana
“Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast
“Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book

We’ll also provide you with links to the Fender Play lessons for each of these songs. When you start a free trial of Fender Play, you’ll get full access to these lessons immediately. They provide step-by-step instruction so you can start playing in minutes!

Learn “Let It Go” from Frozen on Guitar

Get ready to melt hearts with this mega hit from the Frozen soundtrack. “Let It Go” became a household favorite following the 2013 release of the film. The song accompanies a stunning visual sequence in which Elsa accepts and embraces her ability to conjure ice and snow. We get a glimpse into the pain she’s been feeling and we get to experience the exhilaration of her catharsis.

Fun fact: the composition of this song “…led the film’s team to rethink its entire approach to the character of Elsa, a.k.a. Frozen‘s take on Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. In previous drafts, Menzel’s character had a villainous bent. Once the couple penned “Let It Go,” though, they finally began to understand what really made Elsa tick: She’s a scared, repressed teenager, not a malicious ice queen.” (Source)

The emotional depth of the songwriting is what makes this song resonate immediately with viewers. In other words, there’s a reason your little one has asked you repeatedly to watch this movie. :)

This masterfully-crafted song is surprisingly easy to learn if you take it step-by-step. To dip your toes into playing “Let It Go” from Frozen on guitar, start small. Here are the four guitar chords used in the chorus:
G Major
D Major
E Minor (Em)
C Major

Play them in the order listed above and sing along to your heart’s desire.

To play the verse, you’ll also need to learn three different A chords: Asus4, A minor, and A major. In the Fender Play lesson for “Let It Go” on guitar, Jen will walk you through everything, including both verses, the bridge, and the last chorus. Start your free trial to access the lesson.

Learn “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana on Guitar

From one dazzling anthem to the next. Let’s talk about “How Far I’ll Go” from 2016’s Moana. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and produced the song. It paints a breathtaking portrait of two conflicting emotions: the love of home and the pull to explore. As Auliʻi Cravalho bounces between notes, we see Moana bounce back and forth between settings. She strolls happily through her beloved island in one beat only to return to the coastline in the next. She looks longingly out at the shimmering turquoise waters which represent the thirst for adventure, the quest for identity, and the desire to live into one’s full potential.

The easiest way to play this song is to use a capo on the 4th fret. From there, you’ll need just six chords to play the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus.
C Major
D Minor (Dm)
A Minor (Am)
F Major
G Major
F Minor (Fm)

The Fender Play lesson for “How Far I’ll Go” is only 10 minutes. With tips and instruction from Jen, you’ll be playing this treasured track and having your own family singalongs in no time.

Learn “Beauty and the Beast” on Guitar

In 1991, Disney released Beauty and the Beast, one of the most universally-loved movies in its collection. Composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman wrote the title song. In 2017, Ariana Grande and John Legend performed the timeless duet on the soundtrack for the live-action film.

Although the Grande/Legend version features multiple key changes, you can play a simplified version of it for singalongs. You’ll need to place a capo on the 2nd fret and learn the following chords:
D Major
G Major
A7sus4 (in-app lesson)
F Sharp Minor (F#m) (in-app lesson)
A Minor (Am)
E Minor (Em)
B Minor (Bm)
C Major

The full lesson for “Beauty and the Beast” on Fender Play includes: Tips for positioning your fingers for each chord Strumming techniques such as alternate strumming, 16th note strumming, and eighth note strumming

Learn “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book on Guitar

The Jungle Book was released in 1967 and features the catchy, syncopated classic, “Bare Necessities.” Written by Terry Gilkyson, it was nominated for Best Original Song at the 40th Academy Awards.

It’s hard to hear this song without imagining Baloo dancing around or without hearing his joyful, boisterous voice in your head. It’s perfect for a singalong with the family.

Because of its roots in jazz, this song has frequent chord changes and several different chord variations. For example, there are several instances in which you change from a major chord (like C major) to a seventh chord (like C7). This creates tension and interest.

Here are all the guitar chords you’ll need when playing “Bare Necessities”:

Check out the [Fender Play guitar lesson for “Bare Necessities."](https://www.fender.com/play/course/bare-necessities/lesson/bare-necessities "Fender Play guitar lesson for “Bare Necessities."")

Check out Fender Play Guitar Lessons for Disney Songs

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