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There are an infinite amount of tonal options when working with Fender’s new digital Mustang GT amplifiers, making them perfect for inspiring songwriting and on-stage creativity.

But the Mustang GT 40, 100 and 200 can also be excellent practice tools for those just beginning their musical journey.

Here are four ways you can utilize a Mustang GT amp to get more out of your practice routine:

Stream Your Song

The Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities of the Mustang GT models allow users to stream a favorite song to play alongside. Practicing to a backing track will help you get better at scales, improve your technique and tone, and tighten up your rhythm playing.

In addition, having the actual song there while you practice is a good way to train your ears and hands to match the tone you hear coming through the speakers.

You could also switch it up and stream a track that has the guitar removed altogether, giving you the chance to take the spotlight.

Time Delay

There are benefits of practicing with a metronome. You can master every scale and arpeggio, but if your timing is off, it’s a big problem.

Now, the delay effect isn’t a metronome, per se. But it can help with your tempo because you’re setting it to repeat the played notes, creating a metronome-like outcome to stay in time with.


The looper on the Mustang GT—which is controlled with an optional MGT-4 footswitch—gives you the ability to create rhythms. Use those rhythms as a foundation and then solo over them, building your improvisation skills in the process.

Diatonic Harmonizer

Pull up the diatonic harmonizer to tighten your scales.

“You can set it to any key, major or minor, and it will harmonize in that key,” said Fender Amplifiers Product Development Manager Rick Heins. “Then, if you’re playing those scales and hit a bum note, it’s going to let you know.”

There are so many amp and effect options to explore with the Mustang GT models, they can take your practice routine to the next level.

And with the corresponding Fender Tone app, making simple tweaks along the way using your mobile device is a snap.

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