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Inside The Mustang GTX: The Ultimate Modeling Amplifier

A better, bolder evolution of our mighty Mustang amp - designed for players who want cutting-edge tech matched with the mojo of Fender's classic amps.

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Always wanted to get your hands on a ‘57 Twin? How about a ‘65 Princeton, ‘59 Bassman or ‘61 Brown Deluxe? Contemporary high-gain more your speed? In 2017, the Fender amps team introduced the mighty Mustang GT – complete with onboard WiFi and packed with a studio’s worth of legendary guitar tones.

Now, Fender is proud to unveil the Mustang GTX – a better, bolder version of its powerful predecessor. With unbeatable sound and style, new amp models and endless effects, the Mustang GTX50 and 100 are the ultimate stage-ready modeling amplifiers – designed for players who want cutting-edge tech matched with the mojo of Fender’s classic amps. Paired with the new and improved free Tone 3.0 app, you can download thousands of presets – and create and share your own! – while controlling everything on your smart phone or tablet.

The Mustang GTX Series features a newly-designed lightweight cabinet that’s rugged enough to hold its own against any amp on stage – and houses a specially-designed 12-inch Celestion speaker for best-in-class sound and powerful response. With a Stereo XLR line output and effects loop, you can interface with a PA – or recording and outboard gear – with ease. A performance-ready 7-button footswitch (included with the GTX100 model or sold separately) makes it easier than ever to access presets, toggle effects and stay in tune with the tap of your toe. It also features a 60-second looper with overdub capabilities so you can create rich, layered soundscapes – without ever taking your hands off your guitar.

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But about those presets. Packed with 200 customizable onboard presets – including patches featuring newly added legendary Fender amps like the Blues Jr and Vibro King, plus obscure boutique models and British classics – the GTX has it all. Want to stack two fuzz boxes or three delays? Go for it. And if that’s not enough, you can access over 10,000 more with the free Tone 3.0 app – revamped with a more realistic and intuitive 3D interface, deeper preset editing and the ability to create setlists for live shows.

The GTX’s onboard WiFi makes it easy to connect for product updates, so your amp is always ahead of the game. Download presets directly from the Fender cloud with the amp or use the Fender Tone 3.0 app on your mobile device. You can also browse and share presets from the Fender Tone community, back-up and restore your favorites and stream audio via Bluetooth to play along with your favorite tracks.

Whether you’re a vintage enthusiast looking for all your favorite tones in one place, a new player just crafting your sound or a touring musician who needs a versatile amp that can stand the rigors of the road, the Mustang GTX checks all the boxes.

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