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Guitar-Scopes: How Your Guitar Finish Aligns with Your Zodiac Sign

Color therapist and astrology expert Rose Theodora breaks down which color best fits your sign. Did the stars align for you?

Do you ever find yourself naturally gravitating to a certain guitar or bass finish when you enter a music retailer?

Do the stands in your bedroom or home studio seem to have a majority of Candy Apple Red or Surf Green in them?

You might think that is a random occurrence, but according to color therapy and astrology expert Rose Theodora, that just isn't the case. When you were born, the stars and planets aligned to put that Shell Pink Mustang in your hands (if you're a Libra, that is).

Just as there are personality traits that people adopt according to their Zodiac sign, whether you're a Capricorn or a Virgo can also instill a preference for various colors.

"Everyone has an astrological sign, and everyone is attracted to a certain color," said Theodora, who holds a degree in art history from UCLA and has an extensive background in astrology and neuroscience. "Astrology is the narrative of a person's personality, as well as an indication of their psychological makeup. Similarly, colors have an aura and a psychological predisposition.

"So, every person born under a particular sun sign has a preference indicative of personality and aesthetics."

Coming from a musical family, Theodora was excited when Fender approached her to apply this notion to its collection of classic finishes. Just like everyone has a sign, music is a universal language, and Theodora saw a way to connect the two.

Just like her experiences consulting with the likes of Adidas, Cartier, E! Entertainment and Los Angeles' popular Enamel Diction nail boutique, Theodora approached the collaboration by pulling from her understanding of astrology's ancient modalities and applying them to modern sensibilities.

"I could always see how people were connected to their preferences, whether it's color or music or scent, whatever the case may be," she noted. "The way we are drawn to those predilections is connected to the rhythms to the Earth. We're connected to the planet by gravity, and based on how the planet tilts towards the sun, that affects the psychological predisposition to people born at a particular time.

"You also have a color sign. For example, Libras are a Cardinal sign. That's when the autumnal equinox occurs, where the dark and light start sharing equal parts of the day, so it's very balanced with soft blues or pinks. Capricorns are born in the dead of winter when the sun is farthest from the Earth. There's less light because of the winter solstice, and they don't have time to waste, so they don't want flashy finishes."

Now, where does this leave you? If you're wondering what guitar or bass color is most aligned with your Zodiac sign - assuming it's not already evident from a glance at your instrument collection - Theodora broke each one down below.

These aren't your horoscopes. These are your "guitar-scopes," as told to Fender.

Aries: Candy Apple Red

For a pioneering sign such as yourself, a color less than stimulating will simply not hold your attention. Your guitar collection consists of sleek electrics of red, black and silver hues. While you play you want to feel the electric pulse move through your fingers. You like new and titillating, and that's why Candy Apple Red is the color for you. Not only will you feel good playing it, but it will actually hold your attention long enough to master that new song on your playlist you keep thinking about.


Taurus: Capri Orange or Candy Apple Red

Quality is everything to you, it's not just about the color - it's the way the guitar feels in your hands, it's the soft sheen finish on the guitar's body, how tightly the strings are strung, and most importantly it's sound. Music is extremely important to you and so the color needs to convey that. Seldom will you choose something overly flashy-you prefer something more earthy, full-bodied, subtly curvy and reflective of your refined taste. A classic Candy Apple Red or Capri Orange instrument arouse you just enough.

Gemini: Canary Diamond

Mentally agile and ambidextrous, you can probably play two guitars at once-but when it comes to choosing your guitar color-you opt for something clean, light and provisional. That's not to say you don't enjoy the guitar collection that you already have, but you are always looking for something new and exciting to add to your collection. We're betting that you have more guitars than the average player, which is why Canary Diamond is your perfect color tonic. It's inviting and light-hearted, just like you.

Cancer: Candy Apple Red

Alluring and nostalgic, your purchases aren't about an immediate impulse buy, it's a need-a deep longing and appreciation for something that makes you really want to buy something. A guitar is something that you'll own for a long time; in fact, you'd like to see generations after you use the same guitar. You aren't the type to outwardly command attention, but your skills far surpass others perceptions of you. Playing a bright Candy Apple Red guitar is subtle, magnetic and speaks volumes so you don't have to.

Leo: Sunburst

Stylish and creatively free, you'll only play a guitar that's as big as you are. Born when the sun was closest to the Earth, at the peak of summer - you're used to the spotlight. Sporting a vibrant colored guitar, with a Sunburst finish radiates confidence and charisma. Your guitar is your favorite accessory, and you take it with you whenever you can. Bent on being authentic, you more than anyone need to feel at one with your guitar.


Virgo: Champagne

Clean and classic, you're more interested in the more technical aspect of playing the guitar. You want to know that it's equipped and durable to handle all those hours of practicing. You're a borderline perfectionist and devoted to your craft with a hyper discerning ear - so a loud color simply isn't appealing to you. Champagne is neutral, chic and modest.

Libra: Shell Pink

Extremely aware of disharmony, you have an irrevocable and refined taste that you'll never be able to curb - it's just the way you are. You're sensitive to the delicate nature of aesthetics. You are confident and not afraid to express your feminine side - it's what those closest to you appreciate about you most. When it comes to your guitar, it's the same - you want what you're attracted to, and it has to exemplify elegance and non-discriminating. Adding a Shell Pink bass to your collection is perfect.

Scorpio: Natural or Black

Intense sums you up and the same goes for your musical sensibility. Plagued by a love of all things mysterious and dark, you aren't afraid of your shadow side - which would explain why the majority of your guitars are black or natural. A natural gutiar with a black pickguard is 100 percent you. You have a natural penchant for creating love and you view your relationship to your guitar is the same - as an extension of you.


Sagittarius: Ocean Turquoise

It's true, most successful lead guitarists are Sagittarius. To name a few: Keith Richards, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Joe Walsh … the list goes on. All played colorful guitars, which are indicative of an open mind and easygoing attitude. You're the ultimate rock star, and your guitar speaks loudly. Music is your religion, and it teleports you to alternate realities. In English, music makes you feel alive which is why Ocean Turquoise, representative of optimism and infinite horizons, is the perfect color for you.

Capricorn: Sunburst

You want to know that your investments are secure and the same goes for your guitar. You aren't interested in something that's cheap or disposable. As an Earth sign, you value tangibility and quality. You're only interested in acquiring things that are worth your while - that won't fall apart and that exemplify status and says, "I've worked hard, I've earned this."

Aquarius: Champagne

Aesthetically, visually, you wear rockstar like no other sign. Black and leather, even silver are your go-to looks. I know that not all Aquarians are the same, but it's known that you are unconventional and offbeat. You aren't afraid to step out of the box, and that's your biggest asset. You're not interested in garnering attention as much as you are following your meandering mind about the future, which is evident in your style. Champagne is unique, masculine and celebratory, and it's a nice compliment to your already defined look.


Pisces: Surf Green or Capri Orange

As the last sign of the zodiac, you are all things to all people, and your eclectic taste is synonymously you. You are as open as the sea with a desire to experience as much of life as possible - so much that it's hard for you to say no sometimes. You're attracted to all colors and walks of life. A bright colored guitar like Surf Green (signifying oneness) or Capri Orange (signifying creativity) is just your speed. You're driven by your feelings and music is something inseparable from you. You're a natural artist.

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For more information about color astrology, visit Rose's official website.