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Inside the Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster

Straight from the Fender Custom Shop, this tribute to the legendary Chicago guitarist is limited to only 60 units worldwide.

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A scratch-by-scratch replication of the Chicago powerhouse’s beloved 1966 Tele, Master Builder Dennis Galuszka created a perfect tribute to one of the first truly “custom” guitars, from the unique hybrid bridge to the pickups and iconic sticker adornments.

Kath worked relentlessly on his main guitar as it accompanied him on the journey to cult status. Such one-of-a-kind mods included sawing off the Tele bridge and adding a synchronized Stratocaster tremolo, adding a humbucking neck pickup, reversing the control plate and installing custom tuning machines.

Synonymous with Kath’s legendary career, this Custom Shop masterpiece is limited to 50 units worldwide. Learn more about it in the video above, and click here to see where you can get one of your own.