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Introduced in early 1951, the Fender Telecaster revolutionized the world of music, as it was truly something nobody had ever seen before - a mass-produced solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar.

And while it took a little bit for artists to fully adopt it, starting with genres like R&B and country in the America before jumping overseas to the United Kingdom and up-and-comers like Keith Richards and Jimmy Page, the Tele remains an iconic instrument to this day.

The Telecaster has been largely unchanged over the years, as its bolt-on neck and simplistic controls made it easy to maintain and its unmistakable twang gave it a unique and highly coveted tonal characteristic.

That is, until the American Ultra Telecaster.

American Ultra is Fender’s most advanced series of instruments – providing the ultimate in precision, performance and tone. The line offers discerning players modern advancements to ensure the ultimate in precision, performance and tone.

Engineered for high performance and fresh new sounds, the American Ultra Tele retains that beloved Tele twang while adding advanced wiring options for a hotter output and fatter tone.

Daniel Donato is joined by fellow Telecaster virtuosos Zane Carney and Nathaniel Murphy at Fender's JammJam event at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show.

What's more, the Ultra Telecaster comes in striking colors like Texas Tea, Cobra Blue, Mocha Burst and Plasma Red Burst and Arctic Pearl, all sure to draw attention no matter where you're playing. to

As such, here are some of the key features of the American Ultra Telecaster you should know:

New Body Contours

For next level comfort and playability, Fender redesigned the body contours of its most iconic models for the first time in decades. The Telecaster has always been known for its slab body, but a new belly cut allows you to hug it even closer, while a sculpted neck heel allows for unfettered access to the upper registers o the fingerboard.

10" - 14" Compound-Radius Fingerboard

Built for speed and easy bending, the 10”-14” compound-radius fingerboard is rounded near the nut for chording ease, becoming increasingly flatter as it nears the upper register. Combined with medium-jumbo frets, this fingerboard is very conducive to soloing.

"Modern D" Neck Profile

Slim with wide shoulders, the “Modern D” neck profile works for any style of playing. A silky, smooth Ultra satin finish makes the neck effortless to play while the bound fingerboard adds a touch of class.

Ultra Noiseless Vintage Pickups

The Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups feature true classic Fender tone while eliminating hum without feeling synthetic.

Advanced Electronics

The Ultra Telecaster boasts a volume knob with an S-1 switch to select between series or parallel wiring for added tonal range, while the treble bleed circuit maintains highs at any volume.

Locking Tuning Machines

A high-performance feature, locking tuning machines offer increased tuning stability while making changing strings fast and easy.

With updated player-friendly features adding to its iconic style, the American Ultra Telecaster is the most advanced and versatile version of the revolutionary model that was introduced more than six decades ago.

No doubt, the Ultra Telecaster will add to the Tele legend in the modern era.

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