Leo Fender's Telecaster® - The Original Twang (2 DVD Set)

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(DVD) Leo Fender launched his Broadcaster guitar later named the Telecaster® in 1950. Little did he realize that his invention would forever change popular music. This 2-DVD set features interviews with some of the world's finest musicians, including Albert Lee, Steve Cropper, James Burton, GE Smith, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and many others, plus noted Fender experts and historians such as Tom Wheeler, Richard Smith and Mac Yasuda. Filmed in the US and Europe, this in-depth documentary includes previously unavailable footage of the Fender production line in the 1950s, as well as up-to-date factory and custom shop tours in the Corona, CA facility. Disc One = 83 min, Disc Two = 76 min.

Series: Documentary DVDs

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