Vintage Style,
Modern Mods
Supercharged models with the best of old and new

Celebrated Designs,
All New Features

The Vintage Hot Rod series incorporates the best of old and new into versatile instruments made for an entirely new generation of Fender players as well as longtime enthusiasts.

From their powerful new pickup configurations and intuitive switching to comfortable new neck designs, Vintage Hot Rod guitars and basses have been painstakingly modified with the modern performer in mind. And with authentically replicated design touches, vintage-style hardware and cases, and resonant lacquer finishes, Vintage Hot Rod instruments continue to evoke the golden age of Fender innovation, functionality and style.

Fender Vintage Hot Rod
New Compound-radius Fingerboards

Vintage-style (7.25"-12") compound-radius fingerboards lend an old-school touch while allowing for effortless playability and bending up and down the neck.

New Neck Profiles

Sleek updated neck profiles speak to the improved playability and comfort of Vintage Hot Rod instruments while still retaining a cool and classic vibe.

S-1TM Switching

A special S-1 switch in select models adds the bridge pickup to pickup switch positions 3, 4 and 5 for new degrees of sonic versatility and an even broader palette of sparkling Fender tones.

Vintage-style Locking Tuners

Fender Vintage Hot Rod Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars feature vintage-style locking tuning machines for remarkable tuning stability and timeless looks.

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