Win Robin Trower’s Fender Custom Shop Guitar


Robin Trower Strat

I’d like to make sure all of our readers out there are fully aware of this rare opportunity to own one of Robin Trower’s Signature Stratocaster® guitars, all of which are setup by our Custom Shop Master Builder Todd Krause.

Trower currently has the prized Strat with him out on the road, but he’s agreed to part with it after his last tour date on Oct.18, which happens to coincide with your last day to register for the drawing.

So, take a few minutes to enter, and you may be the fortunate player out there who is awarded this high-priced guitar!

Yeah, yeah, I know, most of you out there are thinking “I never win anything,” or “No one ever wins these damn things.”

But they do, and here’s proof.

So throw on Trower’s latest album, What Lies Beneath, and start visualizing your soon-to-be Trower Signature Strat. Even better, catch him live on tour and lay eyes on the prize. Here’s the link again to enter, and also a list of his tour dates.



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