Wild Wednesday With Motion City Soundtrack


Wild Wednesday With Motion City Soundtrack

March 15, 2012
By Mike Duffy

The first big day of music at the South by Southwest kicked off on Wednesday with hundreds of bands playing at countless venues, but in most places, the action started to peter out as midnight neared.

Setlist for Motion City Soundtrak’s SXSW Show

Not so at Austin’s Clive Bar, where Minnesota’s Motion City Soundtrack took the stage at 1 a.m. and ripped off a raucous performance into the wee hours of the morning.

Consider it a fitting beginning to Thursday at SXSW.

From the start, it was obvious that this show was going to be rife with energy.

As lead singer Justin Pierre came out to a wildly screaming capacity crowd behind Clive Bar, the “My Favorite Accident” opener had fans shouting out the lyrics and fist pumping without any prompts.

It continued with a popular follow-up in “Everything Is Alright.”

Things reached a peak with the crowd bouncing like a sea of superballs when Motion City Soundtrack pulled out the frenzied “L.G. FUAD (aka ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up and Die’),” so much so that Pierre actually had to tell the audience to chill out.

“Just dance, but don’t hurt each other,” he said to the potential mosh pit.

While that may have kept anyone from getting hurt, it didn’t tone anything down. M.C.S. pulled out a new track, “Disappear,” off their upcoming fifth studio album, and closed with fan-favorite “The Future Freaks Me Out.”

As the final notes of Motion City Soundtrack’s set rang off into the night, the streets around Clive Bar were filled with a buzzed and sleepy crowd.

Actually, it was probably tough to come down from that M.C.S. buzz. On to Thursday!


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