Wayne Kramer Occupies SXSW

Wayne Kramer of legendary rockers MC5 teamed with Rage Against the Machine axe-man Tom Morello to perform at an event dubbed “Occupy SXSW” last Friday.

Kramer came on before Morello and brought out several guests, such as singer/songwriter Jesse Malin for “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones and roots rocker J.D. McPherson to sing his own song “North Side Gal.”

The Fender signature artist also rocked a cover of the Clash’s “Jail Guitar Doors,” which was written in part about Kramer’s prison stint in the 1970s on a drug offense.  Kramer and folk artist Billy Bragg have started a program of the same name that helps inmates rehabilitate themselves through music.

Morello initially performed a few acoustic songs by himself as the Nightwatchman, but then introduced his new band, the Freedom Fighter Orchestra, for a set of protest songs. Morello also welcomed Kramer back to the stage for MC5′s seminal anthem “Kick Out the Jams.”

Check out Kramer and Morello jamming in the fan-shot footage below:


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