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Dandy Warhols guitarist Pete Holmström recently caught up with Fender News to discuss his debut solo album, Pete International Airport. Check that story out here, and then watch below for the video to leadoff single “21 Days.”

“Before there were any lyrics I had called that song ‘Motorcycle,’” shares Holmström. “Then my friend Jsun came in and wrote the lyrics and without knowing what I called it, he had latched onto it sounding like a Black Motorcycle Rebel Club song and he put ‘motorcycle’ in the lyrics. So that’s how we ended up sitting on motorcycles on a green screen.”

The video was done by Jeff Dodge, who already had some stop-motion footage on file. Since the song incorporates effects pedals, Dodge added those to the train track to pull everything together.

As well as being a big fan of pedals, Holmström owns a wide range of guitars. Among his steady Fender rotation is a Jaguar®, a Bass VI and three Telecaster guitars.

“Sometimes I’m working on a song where I have something very specific in mind and so I’ll select a guitar for its sound,” Holmström says. “But mostly, I tend to have guitars set up in different tunings so if there is a certain tuning that I’m using, then I’ll gravitate to that guitar. For instance, I have a Tele Deluxe that is set up with really heavy strings on it so I can do a lot of de-tuned stuff with it.”

Holmström typically uses Fender Twin Reverb® amps, but has recently been on a quest for a Fender Vibrolux® Reverb amp.

“I was doing a recording session with a friend and they had this Vibrolux and it’s one of the best amps I’ve ever heard,” he says. “I think it had two 10” speakers or something.”


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