Watch The Wonder Years’ Buzzworthy Live Performance

Philly act the Wonder Years recently dropped by MTV in New York to perform an acoustic version of “Dismantling Summer.” The hard-charging pop-punk anthem appears on their fourth album, The Greatest Generation.

“‘Dismantling Summer’ is kind of a reflection on a hard week in my life,” singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell explained to MTV. “We’d just finished the Vans Warped Tour in 2011, and it was the best summer of my life. We got home from the tour, it’s the beginning of September as summer’s ending, we’re about to leave for England, and I get a call that my grandfather had a series of heart attacks. I went to the hospital, and I was the first one there. I was sitting in the waiting room, kind of peeling back my sunburn, and I realized that this was how the best summer of my life is gonna end. He had to have a triple bypass, and the surgery was the day before we flew to England for this tour. (I was thinking) if I have to cancel the tour, we’re letting down a couple thousand fans and promoters and agents and managers and venues and all these people and my band members. It was about realizing I can’t please everyone.”

Watch the stripped-back MTV Buzzworthy Live performance below.


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