Want to be Heard?

Want to be Heard?

Most of you out there probably remember the intro to Michal Jackson’s “Black or White” music video, but in case you require a refresher, it starts off with child actor Macaulay Culkin jumping around his upstairs bedroom and playing the air guitar to a heavy metal beat. 

Annoyed with the noise, his father, played by actor Wendt, better known as Norm from Cheers, stomps up the stairs and shouts, “I thought I told you to turn that thing off! It is too late, and it’s too loud!”

“But Dad this is the best part,” begs Culkin. 

“You are wasting your time with this garbage. Now, go to bed!”

“Okay,” Culkin slyly replies, before busting out an electric guitar and moving an oversized amp down to his parents’ living room.

“Eat this!” he threatens.  

For those teens out there, who like Culkin, just want to be heard, or those parents out there looking for an appropriate outlet for your teenager’s musical gifts, we’ve got the solution.

Teen bands across the country are invited to step onto the stage to compete in the first-ever SchoolJam USA. This one-of-a-kind, national teen battle-of-the-bands competition is accepting applications from middle and high school students, aiming to showcase their talent and bolster much-needed support for school music programs.

Like a real-life version of the recent movie Bandslam, the competition is sponsored by NAMM, the not-for-profit association of the international music products industry, and its promotional partners MENC: the National Association for Music Education, Music For All, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and InTune Monthly magazine. 

Teen musicians between the ages of 13 and 18, who currently are registered in a middle or high school in the United States and are in a band that has never been signed to a record label, are eligible to compete. Bands may perform any genre of music as long as the music is original.

Online entries may be submitted up until Oct. 15, so get your act together and register today at www.schooljamusa.com.





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