Walk the Moon Gets Fonda Theatre Dancing

Walk the Moon Gets Fonda Theatre Dancing

By Mike Duffy

Apparently, the costume du jour when catching a Walk the Moon concert entails facepaint.

Bright, florescent streaks across the cheeks of not only the Ohio-based band, but also the sea of screaming fans that skewed to the 20-something set.  Such was the scene Friday night at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Walk the Moon was in town on a headlining tour in support of their 2012 major-label debut, a self-titled gem that contains 11 tracks of pure indie dance-rock goodness.

Who is Walk the Moon? 

Nicholas Petricca at the Fonda Theatre.

You’ve probably heard “Anna Sun,” which was named one of the 30 summer songs every man should listen to in a 2011 issue of Esquire

Or for those television watchers, “Tightrope” has more-recently been featured in commercials for the HP Envy 4 Ultrabook. 

But to the capacity crowd at the Fonda, each song was a smash hit.

It’s been a big year for Walk the Moon.  The quartet has toured with Young the Giant, fun. and Kaiser Chiefs.  They’ve filmed an episode of MTV Unplugged. They’ve done the late-night talk show run. And that’s not to mention their RCA-released full-length album.

Through it all, Walk the Moon seems to have built up a loyal following that hangs on every word coming out of Nicholas Petricca’s mouth.

The band has done a solid job of cultivating their audience, though.

Even before the show – as Family of the Year was doing their folk-rock, four-part harmony thing – there was one guy with several colors of facepaint on a paper plate walking around the room to dab enthusiastic fans across the forehead, solidifying the army.

Petricca is a dynamic frontman, as well. Standing behind a synthesizer and drum, he engaged the onlookers with banter and implored them to sing along.

Four tracks in, after the wistful “Next in Line,” Petricca said, “Let’s get weird,” before a brief taste of the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

The band had everyone marching along with them to the thumping beat of “Iscariot,” which was bottomed out by the extra efforts of drummer Sean Waugaman and bassist Kevin Ray.

Guitarist Eli Maiman’s work on his Fender Telecasters shone on the new track “Young Shoes,” which called to mind the synth-pop of the Killers at their soaringest.

Of course, “Tightrope” was a huge highlight, too, with arms in the air to confirm what had become a tent revival. But that wasn’t the end.  Petricca pulled out a few aces to close the night.

He gave the warning for “one of the last chances to dance” just before launching into the club banger “Jenny,” then closed the main set with “Anna Sun,” a faithful singalong that saw people raising their hands to the roof in praise.

That would have been a fitful end to the show, but no.

Coming back out on stage for an encore, Walk the Moon led everyone in a set of stretching exercises to set them up for a joyous version of “I Can Lift a Car.” 

Walking out of the venue, one couldn’t help but notice the facepaint smeared across the visages of so many satisfied concert-goers. Whether they were going home or out to the bars, it was safe to say those badges of honor wouldn’t get washed off so quickly.

Like Petricca sings in “Anna Sun,” “we rattle this scene/we rattle this town.”

On a chilly Friday night in Hollywood, Walk the Moon certainly did. 

For more information, visit Walk the Moon’s official website. 


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