VM and Vigor

VM and Vigor
Fender’s new Vintage Modified amps deliver classic sound and modern versatility

T.S.O.L. guitarist Ron Emory (right) in the studio, plugged into a new Fender Band-Master VM head.
Photo by Mike Roche

Fender’s Shane Nicholas plugs into a bank of VM amps at a recent trade event.

Fender history is full of some of the world’s greatest tube guitar amps. The venerable Showman® and Band-Master® models were the first professional tube heads on the market; both are now treasured collectors’ items. Other models such as the Deluxe Reverb® and Hot Rod Deluxe™ are as prized now as they were when they were introduced. 

With those classic models in mind, Fender now unveils its newest Vintage Modified guitar amps—the Band-Master VM and Deluxe VM, and Band-Master VM 212 enclosure. They’re designed to deliver exactly what their names suggest—vintage tone and aesthetics with modern modifications. The best of the old and the new.

Both amps—one a head and the other a combo—take their cue from Fender’s enormously successful Hot Rod Deluxe, itself a versatile tone monster of an amp with some vintage mojo in its DNA.

“The idea for the Vintage Modified amps came from requests from players,” said Shane Nicholas, Fender marketing manager for guitar amps. “The Hot Rod Deluxe is probably the best-selling tube amp in the world, and most of the people who play those—whether they’re a cowboy or a punker or anywhere in between—are using a few stomp boxes with the amp. You know, a Fender tube amp is the perfect platform to build your sound on. So we thought, what if we gave a Hot Rod Deluxe a higher-gain overdrive channel and a couple of stomp box-type effects, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Hence, Fender now offers the 40-watt Deluxe VM model, a 1×12 combo that delivers exactly what Nicholas and Fender’s designers envisioned. It has great vintage Fender tube sound with a wide range of tone/gain settings and modern digital effects including reverb, chorus/vibrato and delay. You get the convenience and easy adjustability of standard stomp boxes without the need for extra cables or power supplies.

The Band-Master VM amp offers the same features in a 40-watt head. When combined with its companion Band-Master VM 212 enclosure, players are rewarded with extra "chunk" and bass response.

See Fender’s entire line of Vintage Modified amps here.


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