Violin Designed to Work with Mustang Amp

Mustang I amp

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign for DoSo Violin, a fretted electric instrument that has been designed to work with a Mustang I amp.  

“Even a high-priced electric violin will sound scratchy and irritating through a standard guitar amp,” notes the DoSo Violin Kickstarter page. “Professional players typically run directly through the PA system. A small Fender Mustang I amp can be pre-programmed for the violin. We will show you how it’s done. Although the Mustang I is small and not very powerful, you can place it behind you as your monitor speaker, and in a band situation, you can drape a microphone over the front to send sound to the PA.”

Visit the Kickstarter page to see a video of the Mustang in action, and to learn how to program your Mustang amp for an electric violin.




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