Vintage Guitar on the 1946/'47 Fender Dual Professional Amp

In its August issue, Vintage Guitar magazine features the 1946/’47 Fender Dual Professional amp, a groundbreaking invention that set the standard for many amps to come.

The magazine breaks down its design, and lists all the specifications that made this relic so unique when it first debuted.

“After the early ‘woody’ amps, this was the company’s first jump into the truly professional league,” says Vintage Guitar. “And it was also the world’s first production amplifier with two speakers.”

This ultra-rare collectible was an absolute high-performance machine for its time.

“It’s Dual, it’s Professional… and in early 1947, an aspiring steel or electric-Spanish guitarist couldn’t ask for more,” sums up the magazine.

Many decades later, this classic tone machine continues to please musicians, including ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, which Vintage Guitar lists as a Dual Professional amp fanatic.

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