Vintage Guitar Features George Fullerton’s Fender Jazzmaster

Fullerton's JazzmasterFullerton's Jazzmaster
In the October issue of Vintage Guitar, the magazine offers a history look of the Fender Jazzmaster and takes a close look at a pre-production Jazzmaster that belonged to the late George Fullerton. Fullerton was responsible for its custom red finish, which was originally referred to at the factory as Fullerton Red and eventually became officially titled as Fiesta Red.  The instrument has a 1957 Jazzmaster body and a 1961 neck with vulcanized fiberboard fingerboard (an experimental fingerboard material typically used for pickup bobbins – one of only two known examples with this fingerboard). Read the article here.

The instrument, which was played at Fullerton’s funeral, is currently being sold at Gruhn Guitars for $85,000.





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