Urban and His Fender Strat Featured on 'Guitar Aficionado' Cover


Country megastar Keith Urban and his Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster don the cover of Guitar Aficionado’s Jan/Feb issue.

Inside, Urban talks about his affinity for cars and guitars. Many of the latter were unfortunately ruined when the Cumberland River overflowed in May 2010 and flooded Soundcheck, a rehearsal studio and storage spot for many Nashville artists.

Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments was able to restore many of Urban’s instruments, including his beloved 40th Anniversary Fender Telecaster. Urban bought Clarence, named after the angel in It’s A Wonderful Life, in 1989 at Manny’s Music in New York.

“That guitar has been beside me at every important event in my career,” says Urban to GA. “I later found out that Leo Fender’s first name was also Clarence, so the name seemed even more appropriate.”

Urban also shares the story on how he acquired Waylon Jennings’ iconic Tele.  Although deeply tempted to bid on Jennings’ main stage instrument from the ‘70s onward at a Christie’s auction in 2009, Urban says he decided to be a responsible father and husband instead. Much to his surprise and pleasure, his wife Nicole Kidman bought it for him.

“She absolutely surprised me by quietly and secretly bidding on it,” he tells GA. “I could have unknowingly ended up in a bidding battle with my wife.”

Pick up the issue here for all of the nitty-gritty details on the Jennings’ Tele, Clarence and Urban’s overall love of the guitar.


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