Two Door Cinema Club Test Out New Tune at Lollapalooza

Two Door Cinema Club briefly stopped by the Fender/Filter Magazine Lollapalooza Artist Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago on Saturday.

The Irish trio proved to be a festival favorite during a late-afternoon set on Friday.

“It was amazing, totally incredible,” said bassist Kevin Baird. “It’s a festival that we’ve been aware of for years, from a very young age, and something we always wanted to play. It’s so strange playing in a park in the middle of the city, but the crowd was great. There were so many of them and they went crazy. Sometimes at festivals and big shows, although you always enjoy yourself, it can become routine. It felt very natural. It was very fun. We didn’t really want to get off the stage.”

The band plans to spend September through December working on a new album.

“We’re really excited about it,” said guitarist Sam Halliday. “I think mentally we’ve been at the second record for a while because we’ve had these songs for a few years. Not that we are bored with them or anything, but we are excited about writing new stuff and bringing in our newer influences and experiences to what we do.”

Two Door Cinema Club already tested out one of their brand-new tunes, “Sleep Alone,” during yesterday’s festival performance.

“The songs we’ve written have all been pretty different to themselves,” said Halliday. “I do think they are bigger in terms of melodies and sound a little bigger but I don’t know if that is what the whole album will sound like but so far so good.”


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