Transporting Your Amp


Amps: Transport with care.

As sturdy as many amps are, many of them—especially tube amps—house fairly delicate electronics, and care must therefore be taken when transporting them. What with all the bumps and potholes in the road and so on, the question occasionally arises: What’s the best position to transport an amplifier in?

When you’re lugging your guitar or bass amp around town, the best position for it inside your vehicle is in fact the same upright position as when it’s in use. If you can manage that, great, and happy motoring.

Transporting your amp to gigs, rehearsals, etc. in its regular upright position, however, isn’t always an option. In that case, there are a couple of dos and don’ts worth knowing about for both combo amps and head-cabinet rigs.

Amp heads can usually be transported in their normal upright positions easily enough, so not much of an issue there. For combo amps and speaker enclosures, though, the best way to load ’em in your car is, believe it or not, face down. See, if you drive these things around face up, every last bump and dip and pothole in the road puts downward pressure on all the speaker parts, especially the magnets. Transporting your combo or cabinet face down, on the other hand, minimizes these effects and can contribute to longer and healthier amp life.

Also, when loading your combo or cabinet into your vehicle face down, you should probably set it on a blanket, foam or a rug to protect the cosmetics and provide some cushioning.

And if you have a road case or at least a cover for your amp, even better. View Fender’s amp cover selections here.


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