Total Guitar Reviews Three Squier Gems

Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s
By Jimmy Smith

Total Guitar recently took time to sit down, test and review three Squier stalwarts, the Classic Vibe Stratocaster ‘50s, the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom and the limited edition Classic Vibe Stratocaster Deluxe.

“There’s very little doubt about the intention of this guitar,” Total Guitar columnist Jonathan Horsley said regarding the Classic Vibe Strat ‘50s. “From aged white plastic parts and nicotine-stained high-gloss finish on the maple neck and fretboard, to a vintage-style vibtaro arm and turners that look like they were sourced from the 1956 Fender catalogue, it’s clear Squier really wants to make the Strat look like it predates the Fonz.

“The spec may not be strictly ‘50s, but this is a guitar that’ll woo most players, regardless of whether the first record you bought was Buddy Holly or Biffy Clyro.”

The Classic Vibe Tele Custom received great admiration as well with observations like, “The Classic Vibe Series wouldn’t be complete without a solid Tele in the mix, and this doesn’t disappoint,” and, “The Custom looks immaculate in Black, with its matching headstock, double-bound alder body and a pair of alnico V single-coil pickups.” ]

“Everybody – whether you actually play guitar or not should own at least one Tele,” added Horsley.

Finally, Total Guitar took a look at the Classic Vibe Stratocaster Deluxe.

“This Classic Vibe Strat Deluxe is not some vulgar shred machine, but with its satin-finished maple neck… and HSH pickup configuration, it’s certainly got a lot of firepower,” the review stated.

“The Deluxe has a versatility that its siblings in the Classic Vibe series can’t match, but its USP is a high-gain voice that pays dues to rock of all vintages.”

For more on the Squier reviews, check out issue 241 of Total Guitar here.  

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