Toronto Music Store Gets Hands on The One

If you received a tweet that read “Stop everything. This is the one,” what would “the one” mean to you?

Yeah, could be just about anything. But what if that came from Capsule Music, a Toronto store that specializes in rare and vintage guitars? Like many collectors and guitar enthusiasts, you may have quickly flocked to the shop too. Because sure enough, the shop’s vintage guitar expert John Dinsmore had his hands on a 1952 Fender Telecaster, considered the Holy Grail of electric solid-body guitars among collectors.

The Capsule’s Blackguard, nicknamed as such because of the distinctive black pick guard, is priced at $35,000.If you’ve got that kind of cash, the Blackguard is still available.

Find out more about how Capsule Music wound up with this collector’s item here.


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