Titus Andronicus Take Their Act to 'Jimmy Fallon'

New Jersey quintet Titus Andronicus stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night to perform The Monitor‘s album opener, “A More Perfect Union.”

The Monitor, loosely based on the U.S. Civil War, received an 8.7 grade from Pitchfork.

On their second album, New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus split the emotional atom with anthemic chants, rousing sing-alongs, celebrations of binge drinking, marathon song titles, broken-hearted duets, punked-up Irish jigs, and classic rock lyric-stealing,” says Pitchfork. “And through it all, they take subtlety out on the town, pour a fifth of whiskey down its throat, write insults on its face in permanent marker, and abandon it in the woods.”

Looks like they wood they’re using these days is mostly Fender or our sister brand Gretsch.


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