Through The Eyes Of The Dead


Death metal band Through The Eyes Of The Dead (TTEOTD) rolled through Fender headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., earlier this afternoon.

The South Carolina based crew is in town as part of the Thrash and Burn 2010 tour, going down later tonight at the Nile Theater in Phoenix.

Their Feb. 2010 concept album Skepsis is available for purchase here, and if you happen to already own it, TTEOTD says the lyrics are much easier to interpret if you understand the concept.

“The story is a first person view through the main character who has a strong, skeptical view on humanity and reality,” explains the band in a blog on their MySpace page. “He believes that this reality is a mere illusion, and that there are celestial/spiritual forces at work that control this world, and the human race. He has a re-occurring dream of the nearing apocalypse, and inevitable damnation of mankind. The dream starts to drive him towards extreme paranoia, so he begins to search for answers to his odd suspicion. He then becomes channeled by an omen that gives him a vision of the underworld, and how it is the final destiny for the human race. He becomes maniacal at this point and communicates with the omen, pleading for his fate to be spared and that he may be granted the privilege to become a spiritual force like the omen. He returns from the vision…”

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