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Three-fifths of Swedish new wave band The Sounds visited Fender headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Friday afternoon.

Here’s what I’m calling “B-Side,” basically some quick questions and short answers from guitarist Felix Rodriguez, bassist Johan Bengtsson and keyboardist/guitarist Jesper Anderberg.

If you had to switch to a different instrument, what would it be?

Johan: Guitar. I’d like to play keyboard but I’m not good enough. I have to practice more.

Jesper: Since I just recently switched to guitar, I’d pick drums or bass next.

Felix: Drums

If you could jam with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Johan: Jimi Hendrix, specifically I’d like to have been part of 1969 Live at the Fillmore East.

Jesper: Neil Young

Felix: Brian May from Queen

What was the first album you ever bought?

Johan: I got a Jimi Hendrix album from my dad when I was super little.

Jesper: I don’t remember what I bought myself, but the first album I asked for was Europe, The Final Countdown.

Felix: Europe, The Final Countdown

What is your guilty pleasure?

Johan: Roxette, “Must Have Been Love”

Jesper: Europe, Final Countdown

Felix: I still listen to Europe!

What’s the biggest misconception you run across about Sweden?

Johan: People think it’s Switzerland, not Sweden.

Jesper: That every girl is hot, that we only eat meatballs and that it’s always dark.

Felix: That everyone is so nice. That’s not true. We’re nice, but not everyone.

Most bizarre/interesting thing that’s been tossed up on stage?

Johan: There’s not so much underwear as you think there would be. Nothing crazy really. Maybe cigarettes.

Jesper: Swedish flags, which is kind of nice.

Felix: Sometimes people throw their beer bottles. That’s not so fun. But they seem to like us, so maybe that’s their way of saying they appreciate us.

Musical path most influenced by…?

Johan: I found an acoustic guitar in the basement when I was about 10 and I just started playing and have been playing since.

Jesper: ‘80s music

Felix: My brother, because he taught me how to play the guitar.

After touring this summer with No Doubt and Paramore, the Sounds are now headlining their own tour in support of new album Crossing the Rubicon. Catch these guys live tonight at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Ariz., or elsewhere along their fall tour.

Here’s a quick video of the guys as they test out some new instruments and amps.


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