The Slants Bassist Reviews his Fender Jaguar Bass



The Slants founder Simon Young doesn’t care to be just an average bass player in his electro/rock/punk outfit.

“I never wanted to be the bass player who sits in the shadows, while the rest of the band steals the show,” he explained.

Young sets himself apart by being particularly selective when it comes to his instrument.

“I’ve always chosen basses for the way that they’d stand out – they way they look and the way that they sound,” he explained.

In 2007, Young encountered his first Fender Jaguar® Bass, buying it instantly, without even a test run.

Using it in the band, I could hear an immediate difference: the bass sound would ‘pop’ out rather than just be lost in the low-end mix…that’s tough when you have 3-6 keyboard parts going on at the same time,” said Young. “The slim neck felt great, the switches and knobs added a great depth of sound.”

Less than a year later, Young reached out to Fender to see about making a custom version of the Jaguar bass, designed with the dragon from the cover art from his band’s first album Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts.

“Fender got their artist started on it right away,” recalled Young. “In fact, we were in the middle of a tour when it was shipped to me in San Francisco, just in time for an anime convention in Seattle (Sakura-Con) for over 13,000 fans!”

Since then, Young’s Custom Jaguar Bass has accompanied him to over 30 out of 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

“The rest of my bass collection is now collecting dust at home whenever I’m on the road,” Young said.

Check out Young’s full Jaguar Bass review in this You Tube clip.



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