The Shins Perform At Coachella For The First Time

The Shins released their latest full-length album less than a month ago, and it seems that it’s already catching on.

At least that would be the case in the indie veterans’ first-ever appearance at Coachella.

Taking the Main Stage Saturday evening, the gathered mass of fans seemed to sing along to several of James Mercer and Co.’s songs from Port of Morrow as they did for any of the other material played.

That’s a testament to how catchy The Shins are at the core.

Two songs off Port, came third and fourth into the set, with Mercer’s immediately-identifiable voice cutting a killer hook in “Simple Song” and a rolling guitar riff driving “Bait and Switch.”

And when the new “The Rifle’s Spiral” came a few tracks later, a group of 20-something girls in the crowd screamed with delight.

Obviously, something is working for The Shins, even their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.”

They don’t have much of a stage show, just tight musicianship, super rapport and classic pop-rock sensibilities.  Having the Watson Twins help out with backing vocals on a few tunes didn’t hurt their chances at the Indio, Calif., fairgrounds, either.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to not bob your head when “Phantom Limb” or “New Slang” come on the radio (both of which, by the way, made it to the Coachella stage).

They might have some new classics up their sleeve.


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