The Pixies Debut Video for ‘Greens and Blues’

The Pixies today debuted a new music video for “Greens and Blues,” which comes off January’s four-song release EP2.

Directed by Josh Frank and starring Mel Rodriguez (Panic Room, Little Miss Sunshine), the clip starts out on a sandy beach but quickly gives way to a space odyssey and the surrealist imagery expected from the alt-rock legends.

In an interview with Pollstar, Pixies frontman Black Francis compared “Greens and Blues” to “Gigantic,” the band’s first single from 1988′s debut studio album Surfer Rosa.

“’Gigantic’ had become very much a big closer number, either at the end of the set or even sometimes the last song in the encore,” explained Francis. “A couple other songs could serve that function as well, like ‘Where Is My Mind,’ for example. But ‘Gigantic’ saying the final goodbye to the audience seemed to really work well.

“I was trying to write a song that could be that type of song like ‘Gigantic’ when I did ‘Greens and Blues.’ It couldn’t be, for example, too fast or two slow. It had to be a nice kind of medium tempo, it needed to kind of have a big chorus. The chord structure of the verses is very similar to the chord structure of the chorus. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s very similar. ‘Gigantic’ is like that, and so is ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven.’ So that’s why ‘Greens and Blues’ ended up having that kind of quality to it as well, because in the back of my mind I was thinking of ‘Gigantic,’ where the verse and the chorus are exactly the same notes, as you will. They’re different feelings, but it’s the same note.”


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