The Making of “Chelsea” Video

Get a behind the scenes look at The Summer Set’s new music video for “Chelsea,” which will be released to MTV and Fuse on Oct. 6.

The video was shot in early September at El Segundo High School in California.

“It was fun, but so exhausting,” said guitarist Josh Montgomery. “We shot from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m. on a Saturday and Sunday, went straight to a show, talked to fans until 1 a.m. and got only a few hours of sleep and then back to shooting. And shooting is no joke. They were screaming at us, which actually made it feel like we were right back in high school.”

The theme of the video is 90s rock, and the guys tell me they basically dressed up like they were on Saved by the Bell.  Another little tidbit when the video is released, look for bassist Stephen Gomez as an extra in one of the scenes. Can you tell that he’s sleeping behind those sunglasses?


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