The Maine’s Tour Bus Catches Fire

The Maine Tour Bus
The Maine Tour Bus as posted on the Maine’s Facebook Page

By Jimmy Smith

While out on the road in support of new album Forever Halloween, Arizona pop-punk rockers the Maine were lucky in avoiding a near devastating incident.

After finishing back to back sold out shows in Chicago, a few members of the band went out to celebrate. When they returned to their tour bus, they quickly noticed an abnormal smell.

“As soon as we opened the door the strangest smell rushed into my face,” wrote bassist Garrett Nickelsen on the band’s Facebook page. “I really had no idea what it smelt like; I thought someone broke a bottle of whiskey. It was an extremely sour and toxic smell.”

The Maine and their tour managers began searching the bunk areas where the smell was the strongest. When Nickelsen raised his bunk, smoke quickly filled the bus.

“I yelled for the fire extinguisher,” recalled Nickelson. “This is when everything gets a little blurry. There were flashes of me putting out the fire and helping pulling my bed off the bus but it all happened really fast. The bus looked like a bomb went off. Ash was everywhere and smelled like death. The fire had burned through my entire mattress and most of the stuff in my bunk.”

Fortunately, everyone is okay from what appears to have been an electrical fire. For the full story from Nickelsen, check out the Facebook post here.

Catch the Maine out on the 8123 Tour all summer long.


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