The Guitar Sanctuary

The Guitar Sanctuary (left) and its adjacent Performance Academy (right).

Upon entering the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas, one gets the distinct feeling of actually being in a sanctuary, so holy are the surroundings and so reverential is the atmosphere. Holy and reverential for guitarists, that is—this is a truly beautiful new Fender retailer that bills itself as “Guitar works for the discriminating soul.”

Here, just north of Dallas, resides a fine high-end selection of Fender Custom Shop guitars and basses, and many other fine instruments from Fender’s American Vintage, American Standard, American Special and other series. A gorgeous lineup of Gretsch guitars is present, too, and several fine Guild models are found in the acoustic section. Complementing such a rich instrument selection is a wealth of Fender amps in a sea of classic tweed, blonde and textured black vinyl—Super-Sonics, Custom ’57 Twin Amps, Hot Rod DeVilles, Blues Juniors, ’65 Deluxe Reverbs and many more.

All of this is presented in extremely elegant fashion, amid Mission-style interior architecture with wood floors, comfortable and stately furniture, ornate rugs and beautiful display cases.

“We are particularly proud to be an authorized Fender Dealer,” said owner George Fuller. “In the great state of Texas, no guitars have influenced music history as much as the Stratocaster and Telecaster, and classic Fender tube amps have been a longtime mainstay.”

A Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster and a tweed Deluxe amp on display in the Guitar Sanctuary.

Fuller opened the Guitar Sanctuary in July 2010 after formulating the idea to create “an environment that produces an experience unlike any other for the guitar consumer.” His new store would be a place where he and his staff would dedicate themselves “to the art of the guitar and guitarists; knowledgeable in our product lines and committed to customer service.”

To bring his vision to life, Fuller enlisted the aid of longtime friend Shane Frame, who brought sales and management expertise from years at Guitar Center and as independent retailer in his own right. A talented musician himself, Frame noted that for both he and Fuller, the Guitar Sanctuary represents “Thirty years’ worth of dreaming that came to fruition.”

“This is everything that I’ve dreamed of being able to do,” Frame added. “The experience is everything in this store. Anybody can put cool guitars on the wall, but providing a high-end experience like Ferrari and Porsche in the guitar world is what it’s all about, and Fender is an enormous part of that.”

Several months after opening the store and recognizing potential in offering instruction, Fuller opened a music school next door—the Guitar Sanctuary Performance Academy—and staffed it with the best instructors he could find, just in time for the school year to start. Accordingly, he expanded his Fender offerings to include more U.S.-made and Mexico-made instruments, and beginner-friendly Fender G-DEC, Mustang and Rumble amps.

“We help players, young and old alike, learn how to play and truly enjoy the instrument,” Fuller said. “We love what we do and that passion is manifested in the presentation of every aspect of the Guitar Sanctuary.”

Visit the Guitar Sanctuary online at www.theguitarsanctuary.com.

An incredibly elegant—and Fender-filled—Guitar Sanctuary interior.

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