The Cure Has the Remedy for Lollapalooza

The Cure at Lollapalooza
Photos by Chrissy Mauck.

While New Order set the stage on Saturday night for the 1980s-themed acts on Lollapalooza’s 2013 lineup, the Cure certainly brought it home.

Sitting in the penultimate spot on Sunday evening, the Robert Smith-led group was as on point as ever, nailing a cavalcade of hits that provided gems for those that opted to forego up-and-comers Phoenix on the opposite main stage.

The Red Bull Sound Select Stage was adorned sparsely, with only an amazing light show to compliment the Cure’s plaintive love songs – and that wasn’t a bad thing.

The Cure at LollapaloozaOne only needed to hear Smith’s unmistakable voice to get transported back to the band’s heyday.

Smith, replete in black clothes, red lipstick and dark eyeliner, began with a soaring version of “Plainsong,” followed by “Pictures of You.”

It wasn’t until four songs in that Smith greeted the crowd, simply noting, “Thank you all very much and hello!”

From there, the Cure delved into their big-time hits, such as “Friday I’m in Love” and “Just Like Heaven.”

Because many of the younger festival-goers were at other performances, that left ample room for dancing, which many took advantage of.

The stage presence of Smith might have been the most impressive of the entire presentation. Everyone knows that he can play a mean guitar, and his makeup will always be over the top as he wants, but Smith’s voice seemed as strong as ever.

And the band, which consists of bassist Simon Gallip, keyboardist Roger O’Donnell, drummer Jason Cooper and guitarist Reeves Gabrels, helped ensure the fact that the Cure would give fans what they wanted.

The Cure took a short break before coming back out on stage for a six-song encore.  At that point, most people had been knocked loopy from a combination of booze and a three-day outdoor music event.

But once the seminal “Boys Don’t Cry” was noted to be the final song, most of those people jumped up in attention.

The Cure might not have been known to the younger masses at Lollapalooza as one of the most-important bands of the last few decades, but they did put on a clinic in showmanship for those in attendance.


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