The All-New Rumble™ Series Combo Bass Amps

The All-New Rumble™ Series Combo Bass Amps
“Brace yourself” for tougher, louder, better-sounding bass combos

Meet the family: The new Rumble series.

Fender’s Rumble series bass combo amps take a giant step forward in 2010 with a redesigned series of five models that significantly raise the family’s power and profile. Once offered in a range from 15 to 100 watts, the Rumble series now extends from 15 to 350 watts.

The Rumble series now presents the best sound, look, performance and value the series has ever offered, with 15, 30, 75, 150 and 350-watt configurations that all boast rugged Fender Special Design Speakers and easy portability. They’re designed to cover today’s bass player with the features they really need and use in the real world, whether it’s for playing quietly at home or serious stage/studio work with serious power and performance requirements.

All models are named for their wattage, and all (except the Rumble 15) feature adjustable overdrive that can be blended with the fundamental clean tone for bass sound that offers as much grind as players want without sacrificing all-important low end.

The flagship Rumble 350 delivers powerful 2×10″ punch and a high-frequency horn with a conveniently located front panel on/off switch. Its semi-parametric midrange control lets specific frequencies be dialed in with precision; tone controls also include “punch” and “scoop” EQ preset buttons. Its brother, the Rumble 150, delivers the booming sound of a single 15″ speaker, with the same switchable high-frequency horn and a four-band active EQ. Both amps include an XLR line out with ground lift, auxiliary input for external devices (CD and mp3 players, drum machines, etc.), front-panel effects loop and headphone jack, plus removable casters and spring-loaded side handles for easy transport.

The 1×12″ Rumble 75 and 1×10″ Rumble 30 are built for standard and tilt-back positioning for easy close monitoring in light-rehearsal/small-gig situations. Both features dual instrument inputs, the Rumble adjustable overdrive, auxiliary input and headphone jack. The 75 has a four-band EQ, punch and scoop EQ presets and a ¼” line out; the 30 has a three-band EQ. The baby of the family, the 1×8″ sealed-cabinet Rumble 15, is perfect for at-home and grab-and-go solo practice, with a three-band EQ, auxiliary input and headphone check.

An optional overdrive on/off footswitch is available for the Rumble 350, 150 and 75.





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